Life is crazy busy!  Do you really need to add “Dog Training” to your mile-long To Do List?   Save yourself some time, and let a professional train your dog in your home while you work!  Your dog will learn quickly and effectively.  As a part of the program, we schedule some time to show you how to ask for what you want from your dog, and put to use all that he/she is learning.  From there, all you need to do is ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Denver Dream Dog

One other benefit of the TimeSaver Packages:  Each training session includes a potty break and playtime.  So on training days, there will be no need for additional doggy daycare or dog walker –you come home to a happy dog who has been mentally challenged AND had her physical and emotional needs met.

**Remember:  if cost is an issue, any packages over $99 can be financed into small monthly installments.  See the PayPal button at the bottom of this page.

OBEDIENCE TIMESAVER– Basic Obedience Training:  Your dog will have a training session three times a week, for four weeks in a row — with Carie Grant, KPA-CTP.  Each training session also includes a well-deserved potty break and playtime.   Your pup will likely nap the rest of the day because a dog who has spent energy thinking and concentrating during her clicker training session feels relaxed, balanced and satisfied!

Her time with me will be super fun and confidence-building for her — which is the beauty of clicker training!  It’s fun for the dog, but the benefit to YOU is a dog who has learned a complete portfolio of polite doggy behavior that will make her a treasured member of your family for the rest of her life!

On a surface level, these foundational skills will teach your dog a variety of behaviors (such a sit, down, stay, recall, settle, targeting, wait, loose leash walking, mine/take it, understanding personal space, capturing and shaping games, etc.)  But more importantly, these modules foster teamwork, attention and focus, polite public appearances, good communication and strong self-control.

We complete this package by scheduling, at your convenience, one additional session per week that includes you, your dog and your trainer.  At these sessions,  you will learn how to ask your dog for all the new behaviors she now has to offer!   Tuition includes a 20-minute meet-and-greet prior to the start of your package to meet your dog and discuss logistics:

12 dog-only sessions + 4 dog/owner sessions  = 16 TOTAL SESSIONS ………TUITION:  $975


ADDITIONAL TIMESAVER TOPICS — Beyond The Basics:   Sometimes you don’t need a whole Obedience Package.  Maybe there is just a single topic you really need handled.  Listed are several often-requested dog behavior special topics that are nicely solved under the TimeSaver format.  All tuition quoted includes a 20-minute meet-and-greet prior to the start of your package to meet your dog and discuss logistics:

A)   Loose Leash Walking:  So when you leash your dog and walk out that front door, who is actually walking who?  Are you being yanked around on the leash?  Does your dog forget you are even behind him, hanging on for dear life?  If walking your dog is making one arm longer than the other, this is the package for you.

6 dog-only sessions and 2 dog/owner session  =  8 TOTAL SESSIONS      ***      TUITION:  $495


B)  Polite Door Greeting Behavior:  When the doorbell rings, is it like roller derby trying to beat your dog to the entryway before he puts claw marks in the door?   And are you desperately restraining your dog with one hand, while trying to have a casual chat with the mailman or the Girl Scout at the door?  And once visitors are inside, does your dog use them like an Olympic springboard?  You need the Polite Door Greeting package.

4 dog-only sessions + 1 dog/owner session =   5 TOTAL SESSIONS   ***    TUITION:  $295



C)  Feisty Fido Foundations:   Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs while on leash?  Do you cringe at the sight of strange dogs approaching, or worry about surprise dogs popping out from around the corner on your neighborhood walk?  Then this package is a great beginning!  This class is a basic portfolio of behaviors your dog will need to learn to be comfortable and relaxed around other dogs on-leash.  Graduates of this package will be ready to move on to structured practice with lots of other dogs in a group setting, by way of our Feisty Fido classes, Feisty Fido drop-in’s, or Feisty Hikes– check out all our Feisty Fido offerings!

Unfortunately, this class is not suitable for dogs who show aggression to people.  If your dog has been aggressive toward people, please contact me for information on what to do next to help you and your dog be safe and get better!

This Feisty Fido package includes a 45-minute mini-consultation.  Based on this consultation, we will be able to determine how many sessions we need to cover the problem.  Part of a peaceful for walk for you with a reactive dog has to do with a dog’s basic loose leash walking skills.   If your dog already walks politely on leash (except near other dogs) then your package will be:

REACTIVITY ONLY:  9 dog-only sessions + 3 dog/owner sessions = 12 TOTAL SESSIONS  ***   TUITION:  $695

If your dog needs to learn how to walk politely on the leash, in addition to learning how to manage his reactivity, the best package will be:

REACTIVITY + LOOSE LEASH WALKING SKILLS12 dog-only sessions + 4 dog/owner sessions =

16 TOTAL SESSIONS   ****   TUITION:  $995