Basic Manners (Obedience) Training

Obedience Training — BASIC MANNERS 101 — is where it all begins!  This kind of learning is much more than just a simple obedience class for your dog!  On a surface level, your dog is learning the basic foundational skills.  But more importantly, these modules foster teamwork, attention and focus, polite public appearances, good communication and strong self-control.  

The curriculum includes:

*sit       *down       *stay       *recall        *targeting        *loose leash walking       *”leave it”

* understanding personal space       * relaxation work in the company of other dogs


The BASIC MANNERS 101- PRIVATE CLASS includes  five (5) personal, in-depth hour-long lessons spaced according to your schedule covering all the basic skills your dog needs to be a good family dog.  These sessions are generally 1 -2 weeks apart.  In between these sessions, I will give you weekly funwork to practice, and we will progress through the steps together.  Working privately, we are really able to take your dog to the highest level of reliability he is able to accomplish in our time together, and we have time to cover specific topics that pertain to you and your dog alone.

TUITION:  $375 IN YOUR HOME        OR        $275 AT MY LOCATION (approx Broadway & Dry Creek Rd)


**Not sure if your dog needs a whole package?  Do you just want to brush up on a few skills, or cover just a few behaviors you really need?  Obedience sessions can also be purchased separately: $80/hr in your home or $60/hr at my location!



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GROUP CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE!  Click here for Pricing & Description.