Does your dog have a few bad habits you could live without?  Does she lunge at other dogs when all you want is to take a polite, leisurely walk?  Are you struggling with persistent housebreaking issues, puppy nipping, digging, barking, or jumping on visitors?  Is she anxious when you go to work?  Having difficulty getting along with other dogs in the house?  If so, we’ve got you covered!

Behavior modification is *not* the same as Obedience Training.  While teaching your dog Obedience has amazing benefits, it is Behavior Modification that really causes a dog to alter behaviors that you are having difficulty living with.  We work carefully with your dog using the latest of both management and training techniques.

I use positive, force-free methods:  not only has force-based training and equipment been proven to increase stress, often causing irreparable damage to your dog’s emotional state, but even more to the point — the results are simply not as reliable as those that are achieved through positive techniques.       

This is how it works:  I do a free phone- or email-based evaluation with you to get an overview of the problem.   From there, I determine what type of package will likely fit your needs. 

I am sensitive to good housetraining fitting into the family budget!  Know that the cost of any packages over $99 can be paid in small installments. Just pay for your package via Paypal,  hit “Bill Me Later” — and you will get an installment plan with small payments that fit your budget.

SINGLE SESSIONThis is appropriate for minor issues such as incomplete housetraining, puppy nipping, and jumping on visitors.  I will work with you and your dog privately, and develop an individualized training plan, as well as full and complete email and phone support.

$125 — in your home

$85– at my location (Littleton, approx Broadway & Arapahoe Rd)

THREE SESSION PACKAGESome goals you have for your dog will take longer than a single session to build.  Examples would be working with hyperactivity/high energy, developing a beautiful loose leash walk,  coming reliably when called, solving mild separation anxiety, mild resource guarding, or integrating kids and dogs into a happy teamWe will work together privately, you will receive an individualized training plan, plus email and phone support.  The cost for this service is:

$275 — in your home

$195 — at my location (Littleton, approx Broadway & Arapahoe Rd)



MULTIPLE SESSION PACKAGEThese packages are appropriate for ongoing behavior problems such as separation anxiety, shyness, resource guarding, dog reactivity on leash, multi-dog aggression in the home, aggression toward strangers or family members, and barking issues.  

All Multiple Session Packages begin with a 1.5 – 2 hour, in-your-home, PRIVATE BEHAVIOR CONSULTATION.  Dogs are very individual — what may look like the very same symptom presenting in two different dogs will often result from two completely separate issues, and require unique and individualized solutions.  It is important to really look at the whole dog to determine an effective plan for his particular needs.  This service costs $125, and is transferred to our training packages listed below, so you can deduct the consultation fee from the total when you decide to proceed with private training.

PACKAGE A:    one 1-hour visit per week for 5 weeks  –  (7 hours total, including behavior consultation and training:  this is my most popular package!)   

$525 — in your home

$450 — at my location (see above) — (please be aware that some behaviors are best treated from your home rather than my location)

PACKAGE B:    two 1-hour visits per week for 4 weeks – (10 hours total, my most intense package!)   

$725 — in your home

$650 — at my location (see above)   — (please be aware that some behaviors are best treated from your home rather than my location)                                                 


Each package includes an individualized training plan, plus complete email and phone support.                 

Well-spent money invested now on good behavior modification will reap you the benefit of a deeper bond, and the joy of living with a well-mannered canine companion that will last for the lifetime of your dog.

PayPal offers simple financing if you need to spread the cost out over time.  Just pay via PayPal at your first session, choose “Bill Me Later” and you will get an installment plan and a bill in the mail with small payments!

***Contact me   for a FREE, NO-RISK consultation to see if this is the right option for you!