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Trusted Vet Professionals:

Southlands/Saddlerock/SE AuroraMILE HIGH VETERINARY HOSPITAL – Dr. Ilan Waskow/Dr. Marla Kriet

Highlands RanchCOMPANION ANIMAL VETERINARY HOSPITAL – Dr. Greg Munger/Dr. Stone/Dr. Benson

LittletonCOAL MINE ANIMAL HOSPITAL – Dr. Jill Levy/Dr. Erica Runkle


Canine Acupuncture and Chiropractic CareGENTLE VET – Dr. Rhea Dodd


Petcetera Pet Services, LLC   Petcetera is the one-stop shop for all of your pet care needs, from dog walking, to pet sitting and overnight care, to vet taxi, as well as Puppy Packages for your newly housebroken four-legger who needs multiple visits in a single day!  Responsible, reliable, devoted and well-spoken, Heather Barker (Yes!  It’s Barker!  For reals!)  is also Certified in Pet First Aid, specializes in pets with special needs, and does NOT charge extra for multi-pet households!  No, she doesn’t bark.  But your dog will adore her anyway.   —  Bring out your dog’s inner puppy!  Massage enhances the well-being of your dog, positively affects behavioral issues, assists with pain management, helps arthritic dogs, canine athletes and makes terminally ill pets more comfortable.

Mountain Rose Herbs — Herbal supplements for your dog.  Having two dogs with joint issues, I’m a fan of the Alfalfa/Yucca blend.

Puzzle Toys and Boredom Busters

Red Barn Meat Roll — my favorite training treat!  I’ve yet to meet a dog who doesn’t love this stuff!  Red Barn is the best brand for nutrition, for it’s value, and for it’s ability to hold together so you can slice into tiny treats.  It’s a training treat, but it’s also a 3.5 star food on — not bad for a treat dogs go crazy for!  Available online and at Paws & Tails (see above).

Bully Sticks — And don’t ask me what a “pizzle” is.  You don’t want to know.

Himalayan Dog Chews —  It’s dried-up yak cheese.  And seriously, folks, there’s nothing better for hardcore chewers.

WalkyDog!   —  Outdoor gear for your dog!

Comparison of Pet Insurance Plans — an absolutely necessary evil

Pet Insurance — each policy sold here helps support Best Friends Animal Society

Big Breed Dog — all things for your giant breed dog

K9 Casuals — for the well-dressed dog in your life

Thundershirt — a calming wrap, helpful for some dogs to manage anxious feelings

Hands-Free Walk/Run Belt Leash

EZ Walk Harness — A must for dogs who pull on the leash.  Does the trick and fits the budget.

Walk In Sync — When you are ready to make the jump to an extremely high quality front clip harness, this is the Cadillac version!  What I love most about this harness, specifically constructed for dogs who pull, is that the shoulder area is open to allow your dog full freedom of movement.  The leash has well-placed grips that show you exactly where to put your hands for maximum effectiveness on a loose leash walk.  Total comfort and max effectiveness for both dog and handler!

Gentle Leader Head Harness  — This head halter gives you amazing control of your dog’s head.  And where the head goes…the body follows.  But don’t just slip it on your dog’s head!  Take the time to condition your dog to the feeling, and to voluntarily place the head in the harness.  Here’s a video by the ever-wonderful Jean Donaldson:

Rebecca Blackbyrd — Animal Communicator in Denver.  I know!  Just call her.  People swear by her.

Une Belle Vie — amazing cremation urns, for pet and their humans, that help memorialize a unique spirit ~ truly heartfelt artwork.

Caring Pathways — compassionate pet care at life’s end.  These are beautiful people.